CrossFit: 18.1 from the viewpoint of Björk Odinsdottir

March 01, 2018

CrossFit: 18.1 from the viewpoint of Björk Odinsdottir

What was your initial thoughts of the workout after the release of 18.1?
I loved it!! I’ve been working really hard on my aerobic capacity so I was super excited about this one.

In general how do you tackle those longer amraps compared to shorter workouts for time?
It’s all about knowing your body and its limits and staying right on the line of your pace but not pace it too much.
It’s hard for me to find the perfect pace when it’s those long workouts, I tend to go a little too slow and don’t dare to push it just a little more. - The short ones fit me better and I have no fear to go hard! However, the long ones are finally feeling better as my aerobic sister is getting stronger.

What was your strategy going into 18.1? - and did you stick to it or did you have to adjust during?
I did it twice and the first time around I knew it was all about the rowing for me and I almost kept the pace perfectly, but my pace went down around minute 12, but I managed to pick it back up. And I got exactly 12 rounds the first time.

When I re-did it I dared to push harder in the start and could keep the pace pretty well all the way through and got 15 more reps in! I’m on my way to becoming a rowing machine - Work in progress :D

How do you use PowerDot in connection with events like the Open?
I use it for both warm up and recovery. In the warm up it helps me tune in as well and find focus. I usually put the PowerDot on and at the same time I do my meditation.

And after the workout I use the recovery program to help my muscle recover faster so I can get back to training asap!

What do you think of the new division of regions in Europe?
I really like that they are trying to make it more fair but on the women’s side, at least, it did not make a lot of difference at all to introduce the new regions. We are so many awesome athletes here and we are all getting better so we will still be the hardest region for sure. But I think it’s a privilege to be in such a strong region and if you make it to the Games in that region you are for sure one hell of a challenge for all the athlete at the Games.

Maybe in the future Iceland just needs its own region ;-)

Björk Ódinsdóttir