MMA: Nick "True Dane" Barnø

February 18, 2018

MMA: Nick "True Dane" Barnø

MMA has experienced increasing popularity during the past decade. The sport may have been subjected to a harsh treatment by the mainstream media, but beneath the surface of an apparently rough sport are serious athletes who are very committed and professional about their career, as any other elite athlete.

PowerDot Athlete Nick Barnø is an aspiring MMA athlete who has turned his life around by going professional. Get an insight into the everyday life and routines of a pro MMA fighter.

What is your background for entering into MMA?
Back in 2008, when I was working as a scaffolder, my boss had me trying BJJ (Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, red.) at the local club. I really enjoyed the training and competitive attitude at the club and transferred from BJJ to MMA in 2012 where I had my first amateur fight.

What does a normal day look like to you?
After I turned pro in 2014 and quit my job as I scaffolder, I started to focus on more structure in my training routines. I still work but only once a week, and always the same day so It's easy to plan my trainings. I normally have ten training sessions a week. Training sessions are split between strength & conditioning, technique/drilling and sparring.

When do you use PowerDot?
I mostly use my PowerDot to help me in my recovery after and in between my trainings. With two training sessions a day I often feel sore and the Powerdot helps increase the blood flow to my muscles, which means faster recovery, and also it loosens up those tight muscles I often feel around my shoulders and trap.

What programs do you use - and for what purpose?
The extended recovery program is my favorite. I mainly use it on my legs and arms/shoulders, which are most exposed in my sports.

What would you recommend to others who wants to start doing MMA or become a professional athlete?
Well, if your into MMA and wanna try it out; find a club in your area. In Copenhagen, where I live, most of the clubs have a free trial so you can find the one that fits your needs in terms of opening hours and which styles they offer (MMA, Thai Boxing, BJJ).

Taking the step to the pro life is no picnic. It's a lifestyle and you need to be prepared to sacrifice many things to dedicate yourself to the goal you set for yourself.

If you want to learn more about Nick and his life in MMA, visit | Facebook: Nick "True Dane" Barnø | Instagram: @truedane_mma